Who hasn’t been seen made revamped recycled or whatever any type of Harry Potter costume for fans of all ages.
The movies are too scary so we’ve never let him watch any.
The books are too long and I’ve never gotten around to reading him any.

What we do have is this:

I’m am so glad that Halloween is over because the month and a half plus I have been working on trying the figure out how the hell to make a Harry Potter Lego costume is time that I will never get back!
Does anyone else feel like Halloween is a nightmare for costume making?  It’s like a wedding.  You spend all this time planning creating for one day then it’s over and trashed.
Still, I am slightly amazed I was able to turn this:

Into this:

With not a damn minute left to spare before Halloween.
Be safe and have fun tomorrow. We’re expecting to get rained on.
Here’s more Lego Harry Potter in real life, coming to a door near you!

Oh! And we can’t forget Hedwig!