Craft Dictator

December 5, 2011

It’s birthday crown time again folks.  The preferred theme declared by almost 4 year old:

Team Umizoomi!
Yay!  Awesome cute little math pattern cartoonies from NickJr.  Totally doable!
I’ll get some plaid, cut up some triangles.  It will be great!

Then 2 days before the boy’s birthday, we have:  Mo Willems’ Pigeon?

Complete with bus and hot dog.

Yep, those crooked circles and drawings were the perfect items for a birthday crown.  I really did want to make a Team Umizoomi crown.   But after contemplating how long it would take me to get the details just right, I opted for a simpler crown.  He really was only going to wear it for one day.  And in the end, he was perfectly happy with our favorite pigeon in addition to a dinosaur tail thanks to Miss Running with Scissors.

How has life come to craft dictatorship?

Craft dictatorship has come from the fact that while I know that I have fiberfill somewhere packed in one of the 4 tiny closets in this place, I needed to buy another package with the fabric for the dinosaur tail or else spend 3 nights searching for it.

Same thing for birthday candles.  I picked up another pack and somewhere there is a 4 candle hiding.  Most likely I’ll find that somewhere around the 9th birthday.

Craft dictating happens because even though it’s been over 2 weeks, I’m pretty sure there is some part of Thanksgiving leftover still in my fridge.

Finally, craft dictation is neccesary because while you put all this time and effort into birthday planning, a little boy wants one thing and only one thing – to play on the ipad all the time:

December has come upon us and in addition to not starting any xmas shopping or decorating, I am completely unprepared and idealess about the whole thing.   Mailing presents to family out of the state only moves any holiday deadlines for me up sooner.

While I continue to be in awe of all the awesome crafting for the season, I can’t help but wonder about the moms that make and blog about the utmost perfection of their creations and wish I could really be a robot.  Then at least I would be able to get more done.

Xmas ornaments coming soon.

Me: “Well, what do you think about your crown?”

4 year old: “Well, it fits.  But Pigeon’s missing the train and airplane.”

That last comment brought to you by Pigeon Love Things that Go.