Craft Dictator

December 5, 2011

It’s birthday crown time again folks.  The preferred theme declared by almost 4 year old:

Team Umizoomi!
Yay!  Awesome cute little math pattern cartoonies from NickJr.  Totally doable!
I’ll get some plaid, cut up some triangles.  It will be great!

Then 2 days before the boy’s birthday, we have:  Mo Willems’ Pigeon?

Complete with bus and hot dog.

Yep, those crooked circles and drawings were the perfect items for a birthday crown.  I really did want to make a Team Umizoomi crown.   But after contemplating how long it would take me to get the details just right, I opted for a simpler crown.  He really was only going to wear it for one day.  And in the end, he was perfectly happy with our favorite pigeon in addition to a dinosaur tail thanks to Miss Running with Scissors.

How has life come to craft dictatorship?

Craft dictatorship has come from the fact that while I know that I have fiberfill somewhere packed in one of the 4 tiny closets in this place, I needed to buy another package with the fabric for the dinosaur tail or else spend 3 nights searching for it.

Same thing for birthday candles.  I picked up another pack and somewhere there is a 4 candle hiding.  Most likely I’ll find that somewhere around the 9th birthday.

Craft dictating happens because even though it’s been over 2 weeks, I’m pretty sure there is some part of Thanksgiving leftover still in my fridge.

Finally, craft dictation is neccesary because while you put all this time and effort into birthday planning, a little boy wants one thing and only one thing – to play on the ipad all the time:

December has come upon us and in addition to not starting any xmas shopping or decorating, I am completely unprepared and idealess about the whole thing.   Mailing presents to family out of the state only moves any holiday deadlines for me up sooner.

While I continue to be in awe of all the awesome crafting for the season, I can’t help but wonder about the moms that make and blog about the utmost perfection of their creations and wish I could really be a robot.  Then at least I would be able to get more done.

Xmas ornaments coming soon.

Me: “Well, what do you think about your crown?”

4 year old: “Well, it fits.  But Pigeon’s missing the train and airplane.”

That last comment brought to you by Pigeon Love Things that Go.


11 Responses to “Craft Dictator”

  1. Love the dino tail and he looks so cute in that last pic! I’m also done zero Christmas shopping…and wish I had more motivation to get holiday crafting going! I wish I could be a robot throughout the night without sleep, then be a normal human mom during the day.

  2. kate said

    You know, I have completely bagged the ‘send presents in the mail’ thing. cards are as far as I can go, and they usually end up as ‘new years cards’… don’t wish to be a robot. don’t … love your postman, but don’t be a robot. please.

  3. Lauranie said

    Right? NEVER.satisfied!! What happened to…”you made this for ME??!! Thank you momma!!” The older they get, the less appreciative…brats! HA! I think the crown is pretty awesome…and your tail came out PERFECT!! When I made one for the Boy, he sat patiently while I made it, picked out the colors and all…then when I was done he REFUSED to put it on!! Thankfully the show he was watching ended and he became interested in it again!! 🙂 And yes…we have constant battles over the iPad too!! Don’t worry, because of the demands of school functions, my Christmas crafting has been somewhat lacking too!!

  4. Care said

    Ahhh, I’ve missed your posts!
    Yes, I understand craft dictatorship. Depending on who the dictator is, sometimes it is fun — and sometimes it is not. But, creatively busy hands still make for a happy momma! 🙂

    All the best to you — good luck with the present thing. I’m in the same boat. I have to mail things clear across the country and yet — at this point I still have nothing to mail. Le sigh……

  5. Skooks said

    Ohmygoodness . . . if your little guy ever rejects that crown, please send it to me. My 2 year old son is OBSESSED with the Pigeon. We must read EVERY ONE OF THE BOOKS before bed EVERY NIGHT. He just goes crazy for them and shakes around like crazy on all the pages where the pigeon yells. If I had been on top of my game, I would have made him a pigeon costume for Halloween this year. Maybe next year. Assuming he hasn’t moved on to something else.

  6. Lori said

    My daughter used to looooooooove that book…before she became a moody pre-teen….. Your crown is brilliant!

  7. Julie said

    That is a splendid crown. I have never ever got around to doing one of those, in 8 years. And, though I love them, I’m kind of reluctant to start a ‘tradition’ that I will then be obliged to replicate x 4 and repeat each year…Good on you for doing this.

  8. gotta love the dinosaur tail! that’s awesome.. i want one!

  9. Well you had me at felt, but the crown is amazing! That’s a great book too!

  10. Libby said

    Hi urban craft, I have added you into my blogroll, welcome to read my blog too when you are free. Cheers.

  11. Skooks said

    Are you ever coming back to blog? 🙂 Anyway, he may have outgrown such things by now, but there is a NEW pigeon book. Very cute. My now 3 year old got it for his birthday.

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