a year without craft

October 29, 2012

Can that ever really happen?
So far in 2012, we lost a vehicle, a grandma and a little boy’s appendix, but while everyone is just great, it’s really impossible to lose craft.

We skipped town for xmas so these ornaments never really made it to a real tree:

a low key easter included some family greetings:

as well as some non-craft baked goods:

Yeah, I know. Not overly crafty for 10 months.

Well, Halloween is only a couple days away.
And the following photo probably doesn’t need any explanation:

Crap, I really need to start working on this stuff sooner.

Clock’s tickin!

6 Responses to “a year without craft”

  1. Jennifer said

    Glad to see you! Happy Halloween!

  2. kate said

    dude. i’ll take your craft even if it is just annual… very sorry about the grandma. very.
    making a baby over here, going to labor in the next 48 hopefully. glad to read you again… kate

  3. care said

    You’re alive!!

    That costume is going to be

    You rule! (and so does Tetris!)

  4. Skooks said

    Sad to hear about your grandma. šŸ˜¦ Glad to have you post again though . . . and probably going to steal your tetris ornaments idea because it rules.

  5. Just have to say that every time you post you make me feel so happy about my life! I am always making the costumes the night before (and there are four costumes to make/ one for a very picky teenager). Life does happen but the crafty bits make all the stress more bearable don’t they? I’m impressed that you got it all captured in pics and posted. Sorry about your grandmother

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