It’s weird.  It just so happened that the only layout that I want to use on wordpress doesn’t support widgets.  That means no sidebars, no buttons, no sponsor links, no hit counter or anything.   That’s kinda lame of me, huh?  If you do, in fact, do a lot of craft blog reading, then you probably already have the favs bookmarked for regular reading:

Wee Wonderfuls
Elsie Marley

And all the rest, ANgryChicken, BellaDia, Soulemama, and everyone else who has a pattern book, has been featured in a mommying magazine, has eco-friendly corporate sponsor buttons, etc.

You don’t need me to help you find more blogs and if you do, then I’ve linked a couple of super stars at the bottom of the page.  This blog is simple.  I’ve tried to make it easy to read without bombarding you with flickr, etsy, and other self promotions because I don’t really have any. Actually, clicking on any image will take you to my flickr page. Frankly, I am surprised you even found me in the first place.  So thank you.  I hope you enjoy.  I have created this blog to share and meet not just more people in craft, but really from anywhere.   The stuff I post and blog about can be easily done without further instructions.   If you do have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to help.   Or just say hi.

And I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism either.

Thank you!

23 Responses to “What’s up with this blog?”

  1. Hi!
    Your things are so cute too!

    Specially felt monkey mobile! amazing!

    PAXandLOVE for you…

    Desirée Franco

  2. Michelle said

    I came to your blog from my blog.. I also wanted to peek into who you are.. I have now read a few pages of your blog and I love it… very straight up and to the point. look forward to reading more of your blog. Thank you.

  3. everydaycreate said

    I kinda love that you don’t have too much stuff going on. I get overwhelmed by all of that nonsense (which I’ll admit to having a bit of).

    I’m from

  4. Bianca said

    I love the lack of sidebar action as well. Some people have so much it takes a while for the page to even load. And THAT I will not tolerate.

  5. I came to your blog from mine and started reading :o) I just love the way you write and love your DIY attidute. I am a huge DIYourselfer too. I added you to my favs and looking forward to your new posts :).

    Ebru – aka Lara&Me

  6. momknitter said

    Love your blog and will definitely be following! Oh, and I try to keep my blog only for crafts – I have a Livejournal for all the other daily non-craft stuff. Looking forward to getting to “know” you!

    Sheryl – aka momknitter

  7. Linda said

    I read some of your blog and do like your no nonsense approach to blogging. You are a superb writer. I like your blog set-up, too.

  8. Nikki said

    I found your blog and have been enjoying reading your entires. I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my list of favourite blogs. Keep up the great entries!

  9. Miriam said

    Extra crap is (a) hard to keep up with and (b) usually unnecessary. I like my blog, but sometimes I wish it were text on a white background. I enjoy reading your thoughts 🙂

  10. I love the lack of sidebar action as well! Your blog is simple and beautiful. I am striving for that but I am not quite there yet–you clear;y know more HTML than I do! Thanks so much for stopping by my little home and I look forward to more post from you… I am on a blogging break right now b/c I am about to have a third baby but I will be back soon!

  11. Jacqui said

    I wish I could get rid of all the crap in my sidebar – I’ve tried a couple times to ‘de-clutter’ but it just doesn’t work, it creeps back in (as in real life too). Can I come over to your blog and admire your clean surfaces sometimes?

  12. Lynn said

    Kinda nice to me!

  13. Marla said

    No fluff, honest, candid, budget minded craftiness! Look forward to blogging with you!

  14. Victoria said

    Urban Craft, what are you working on now? I just cut out letters in felt reading: “Just Married” for a banner. I was so proud of how neat they came out. Then I poked around your blog, and I’m just in awe.

  15. I love the look of your blog. The header is so cute!

  16. I really appreciate the simplicity of your blog format. It makes it really easy to view just the content, and none of the other junk.

  17. Sally said

    I love what you have written here! I look forward to reading. Thanks!

  18. Wendy said

    I am so happy to have found your blog! I love, love, love it! Can’t wait to have more time to go and see older posts (after Christmas lol).

  19. Sara said

    YOU ARE FREAKIN’ HILARIOUS!!! I even had my husband come over here to read this. He got a good laugh too. Thanks for the belly ache.

  20. Lori said

    Hello fellow Portlander! I love your blog and your crafts…will definitely be back!

  21. tammie said

    ~ i will definitely be back to visit. quite refreshing actually to visit a sidebar-less blog..

  22. Lori said

    Also… based on the blogs you like, you might enjoy She is super talented.

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