Moms across craft blogland are right.  Those plastic snack bags need to go.  They certainly are not child friendly either.

And those cloth snack bags are all over etsy but my sewing machine can at least stitch a straight line, so it’s about time I utilized it to actually make an everyday necessity.

I would have gotten a more cutesy fabric, but then again I have a boy.  And although he’s only 2, he’s gonna get bigger and I can already hear him tell me the sparkly bits are just not gonna cut it anymore.  So I opted for your classic lines and colour pattern for the bags.

And you never know, the husband might want to use one too.

Part 1: Measure.

Mine is big enough for an actual sandwich about 7 inches long.  So the total length was 16 inches leaving one inch on each end of the fabric for a fold over to stitch the velcro on to.   Leave about a 1/4 inch on the side for extra width to trim after you sew together.

Part 2:  Sew on velcro pieces, then fold and stitch.

A little bit of glue stick helps keep the velcro in place for sewing.

Part 3:  Fold together the fabric and sew.

Part 4: Turn out, stuff with snackies and you’re ready to go!

I know you really didn’t need a tutorial.  But if you did, there isn’t any reason why we all can’t have cool handmade stuff.

Now if only I could get blog sponsors and a craft book deal (yeah right,) I could quit my day job and have someone else support my craft habit.

And hey, maybe I still can get a book deal.  Although I doubt it would be about crafting.  And even if it was, I would probably tell you not to buy the book and just wait until it comes to your local library.

But then what kind of capitalist profiteer would I be?

Well, at least I cloth diaper.

And the celery sticks were strictly for display but the boy actually took one out of the bag and ate it!  Results not typical.