Does it ever stop raining?

January 7, 2011

That may be what I ask myself with a new move to rainy PDX.

In celebration of that, I have been meaning to post a new year’s tutorial and giveaway.

Stop dreaming of rain mobiles priced $25 and up!  And make one yourself.

If you don’t want to make one (take’s less than an hour depending on your speed) then throw your hat in for the the giveaway of this one.

Here goes:

Make a cloud image on white felt and cut out:

Hand stitch (or machine sew) to another uncut piece of white felt:

Leave a bit at the end to stuff with fluff, make sure you push into the poofs for extra fluffy cloud!

Sew up and cut out your cloud:

Start cutting out raindrops for 3 – 6 or however many you like.  You will sew 2  raindrop cutouts together:

I’ve picked rainbow colours here with matching thread but you can you use greys and blues like this one here.

After drops are stitched, use coloured thread to attach to bottom of cloud.  Use white thread to attach for hanging  and you are ready for action!

Guaranteed to brighten your day rain or shine!  Total cost of supplies is under $3.

Also these instructions can be modified to make yourself any mobile you like be it balloons, stars, animals or any other similar to one you have already hearted on etsy.

Please leave a comment to win this little happy cloud by Monday January 24th and thank you in advance for reading.

I really want to share craft with everyone and it shouldn’t have to be time consuming (I know you all have real lives!) nor should it break your wallet.  Those $20 – $30 etsy purchases really do add up people.  Save your cash for food or your kids college fund for god’s sake!

Sending all the best wishes to everyone for a rich and crafty 2011!

….. .  .   .    .     .

And the winner of the mobile is:

85 – Karen Chartier!

Thanks so much everyone.


2010 Olympics start today, are you excited?  I am, kinda.  Vancouver is a nice showcase city. Being married to a Canadian from Vancouver is also very nice.  But people we know from Canada have hightailed out of town for the madness. Vancouver at this time was the last place we ever expected to be, but some urgent passport issues had taken us across the border right on top of the opening celebrations.

One thing I had discovered here was that one of my favorite illustrators MEOMI had designed the mascots for the olympics.  Apparently they were unveiled back in 2007 but hey, I have been known to live under rocks…

I adore the characters and the uber cuteness.

I assume it is only a matter of time before the Octonauts or other Meomi creatures will be at a theater near you.  In the meantime, pick up (or borrow from library) a book and check out the websites:

Giveaway schwag!
To get everyone in the Olympic spirit, I picked up a couple of goodies that may not be readily available in non-host cities and I wanted to share.

Please leave a comment and I’ll send this guy out to meet his new family along with some other little gifts.

As for the swap, let me know if you are interested in the same comment.  You do not need to join the swap to enter the giveaway but the more the merrier!

Pick any favorite Meomi character and create a handmade craft inspired by it (plushie, drawing, knit, etc.) to send to someone and get you’ll get a handmade item from someone as well.
I don’t have timelines, I was thinking a month or so to make something and send out.  Will finalize that once I get all the participants down. We’re setting up the mailing deadline as March 20th.  Signups for the swap are still being taken. Swap closed.  l sent everyone their partners Fri. 2/19.

Last day to win Quatchi is Monday, Feb.  22nd.

Open to everyone, everywhere.

Yay World!

and here’s a little boy, obviously unenthused by it all.

…… .  .   .    .     .      .

And the Quatchi goes to:

Sarah @ Neoteric Traditional.

Thanks everyone for playing! Happy Olympics!

I really really really love this and how it works.  And have been trying my hardest to come up with ideas for what to make although I want to try to make something specifically individual for each person.  SO, because it is obvious that I don’t come up with my own ideas, i.e. everything on this blog that I made is something people make all the time, I will let each person decide.  I’ve already complained about overpriced crafts.  Now is the time for me to recreate something for you.  Now remember here, I can’t knit or make jewelry, and gawd, you do not want to see me attempt bags or clothing.  And anyone who’s ever gotten anything from me will attest that my sewing skills leave something to be desired.  But, I can do it!  I have the technology!  Ugh, there a catch though, rules.  See, the people who I have seen do this are bloggers.  And they usually request that you perform a pay it forward to people as well.  I chose 5, but I will settle for you to make a handmade item for 3 people.  But you must have a blog!  It’s only fair that other bloggers have the opportunity to be able to get in on the PIFs when they were the ones that have already done one.  Sorry, I don’t mean to make it complicated or exclude anyone.  Now’s the time to start that craft blog you’ve always wanted.  I am living proof that you don’t even need to be that good at crafting.

So yeah, that’s the deal.  You have blog, you be one of first 5 commenters, you pick out a couple of favorite crafts that you would like me to make, you do pay it forward on your blog, you make something by hand for 3 of your readers.  You can make up the rules on your own blog.  And if you have already done a PIF on your blog,  I’m sorry, but that won’t count.  You will have to do another one and I will hold you to it people!  Don’t make me police you!

You already have seen what I can make, be it plushie, pincushionie, needle feltie, hell, I’m even sure I can paint!  But the more complicated a craft you fancy, the more you will be disappointed with end result.  Just warning you in advance.  But, I really will do my best and am excited at the opportunity to make something for you!

Comment moderation is on for spamming reasons, (not like I moderate swearing or insults to me anyway) but it is literally first come first serve and I will post comments as received.  Please link your blog and I will get more info from you after that via email.  I will do my best to get something out as soon as possible but then again these things can take months.  Or, the first attempt may suck and I may need more time to do it again.