and they say “coming Nov. 8th”

October 31, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars

But Angry Bird Han Solo is roaming the streets right now!

Yay!  and finished approximately 1AM Pacific Standard Time!

Yellow rain jacket matches perfectly for wet trick or treating.

Oh, and check out what Mr. Man whipped up for his work costume contest:

and proudly won “Most Cumbersome” costume.

Which leads me to my next question:

Why the f*#$ am I making costumes when he can bust out something like this in a night???

Dad better start steppin’ up with the craft contributions.  Mama’s taking a month long nap after this.

Happy Halloween!  Don’t eat bad candy but have lots of fun!

5 Responses to “and they say “coming Nov. 8th””

  1. Jennifer said

    LOVE!!! You never cease to amaze him. Hope that Angry Bird got LOTS of great candy! And yes, Mr. Man rocked that one.

  2. Malin said

    Oh my, my sisters daughter would love the angrybirds costume! It´s awesome!

  3. Meryl said

    So cute! (And–after years for creating costumes for our poor dog and now our child–I finally drafted my Sweet Husband into service this year to make a little cardboard guitar for part of the Kid’s costume. Why should the dads get off the hook? LOL.)

  4. Grace said

    Love the “Most cumbersome” costume award! I think I got that one too this year!

  5. everkelly said

    I was upset to discover that my husband has secret last-minute costume-making skills, too! One year he was a refrigerator complete with a little light that turned on when you opened the door. I think he made the whole thing in 30 minutes. 😦

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